Parramatta Justice Precinct Master Plan


Master Planning for increased
redevelopment potential of
Government Land, Parramatta

Planning Ingenuity was part of a project group coordinated by Government Property NSW to develop a Master Plan for the redevelopment of the Parramatta Justice Precinct.  The project group collaborators included Government Architects Office (Urban Design and Heritage), AJ+C Architects, Martens & Associates (Flooding and Stormwater) and Varga Traffic Consulting.  The project commenced with Planning Ingenuity collaborating with GP NSW to produce initial scoping advice and options to achieve a target of 50,000m2 of Net Lettable Office Floor Area for future government office space as well as retaining existing Justice Buildings and creating a new site for a mixed use building potentially available as a private development site on surplus government land.  The project required a Controlled Action application to the Commonwealth Department of Environment in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999 as the project site is in close proximity to UNESCO World Heritage listed properties and National Heritage places.  Planning Ingenuity was required to coalesce input from the Controlled Action application, approvals in accordance with Section 90 to the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974 regarding places of cultural significance and items of significance to Aboriginal people, flooding, traffic, European heritage matters and urban design and architectural schemes to prepare a Master Plan and application for a Planning Proposal to change land use zones, building height, floor space ratio and floor space distribution, the interface between the Justice Precinct developable land and the public foreshore reserve, a new pedestrian and vehicle movement network and adjustments to reservations for public roads. The project included the preparation of a site-specific development control plan and a Voluntary Planning Agreement.

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